[ NosciTrace software ]

NosciTrace is a powerful software system which enables a flexible, easy and secure access control as well as an easy evaluation of the visitor behaviour. It advances the whole event management workflow.

access control

flexible, easy and secure
via RFID or QR-codes
with intuitive user interface


powerful synchronisation with Xing Events ticket shop and many others,
customer individual solutions possible


very easy and extensive evaluation of visitor behaviour
sustainable improvement of event management

[ Features ]

NosciTrace offers many features.
Our development team is very flexible and able to implement your individual requirements.

RFID or QR-Code

user friendly and inexpensive

only smartphones needed

android and ios apps available for ticket scan

Control Center

web application, cross-platform, intuitive user interface

Xing Events

perfect integration of Xing Event's professional ticket shop

server based

the heart and brain of NosciTrace, secure, fast and exhaustively tested, self hosting possible

partner support

your event partners can easily scan visitors tickets and send them newsletters